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Personal Information Recorded

Every time you view a page on the site we record various information about your visit which we retain to help us plan and improve the site. The following is the information that we keep:-

IP addressThis identifies your computer connection.
This identifies computers in a similar manner to a telephone number - information is sent around the internet as 'parcels' which bear the IP address of the sender and the recipient. When you ask to view a page, the request is processed by a server which uses your IP address to send the page back to you.
Your computer's current IP address is:
1st log-on timeThe date and time at which you first looked at a page on our site.
Last log-on timeThe date and time at which you last looked at a page on our site.
Pages viewedA list of the pages on the site which you have looked at.
HitsA 'hit' is a request to a server to view a page.You may return to a page more than once, either in the same session or days or weeks later, each visit to a page is a 'hit' on that page.
SearchesWe record items which you have searched for using the site's search facility, e.g.; "Devon" or "Birds of Prey".

Any information about access published on this site or provided to interested parties such as our advertisers or potential advertisers is devoid of the IP address to ensure user anonimity.

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Using the Information

The information we collect is used to see how users use the site and allows us to tailor the site to user requirements.

The information from individual users on the pages viewed gives us some idea of how they move around the site and is used to design the pages to make this easier:-

e.g. 1: User 1:

e.g. 2: User 2:

In the first example above, either the user has decided to go back to the GWR page from the search page or couldnt find the GWR link on the History of Railways page.

Examples of Searches Information Recorded:
e.g. 3: User 1:

e.g. 4: User 2:

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2003.Dec.11UK law comes into effect, prohibiting the sending of unsolicited emails and spam to private consumers, that sent to companies must contain an opt-out clause
The impact of the legislation is not likely to be great as the majority of spam comes from abroad where the senders are not regulated by UK legislation

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Links to Other Pages on This Site


Links to Other Sites

. . . . . the inclusion of these links to other sites is for the interest and convenience of visitors to this site only and does not imply any endorsement of the products or services offered by the individuals or organisations involved nor the accuracy of the information contained therein . . . . .


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DISCLAIMER: Whilst we endeavour to ensure the content of this site is correct, we cannot undertake that information you find here, is, or will remain accurate and complete. We do not warrant that any information contained on this site is fit for any purpose. If you wish to place reliance on any such information you must check its accuracy by some other means before doing so.

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