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The Saxons originally inhabited Holstein but spread over time to Brunswick, Hanover and Westphalia.

They conquered Sussex in 491 AD led by Aelle and Cissa (after whom Chichester is named). They captured Anderida - ' nor was one Briten left there afterwards' and established the Sussex as the kingodm of the South Saxons. It is not known whether the Saxon invasion of Britian was this bloody throughout with the anihilation of the Britons, or whether the capture of Anderida is thus recorded because of its uniqueness.

A.D. 490. This year Ella and Cissa besieged the city of Andred, and slew all that were therein; nor was one Briten left there afterwards.
  - The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Essex was captured by the Saxons in AD 500 and eventually the East Saxons captured London.


It is the 'pound of the Easterlinges' (East Saxons) gave us the modern pound sterling as the East Saxons gave their name to the county of Essex.

Arthur, a leader of the Britons did exist but the King Arthur of the now-popular legend is a creation of the 12th-century Geoffrey of Monmouth.


Cerdic defeated the Britons at Charford in AD 519. Having thus conquered Hampshire, he assumed the title of King and laid the foundation of the Kingdom of Wessex although the West Saxons were routed by the Britons under Arthur at Mount Badon (near Bath) the following year.

In about 530 AD, Cerdic gained control of the Isle of Wight (he might have collaborated in the Jute conquest of the Island in 530 before gaining its possession).

In 552 Cynric led the West Saxons to victory at the battle of Old Sarum (Salisbury) and conquered Wiltshire, later he again led them to victory at Barbury in North Wiltshire and conquered Berkshire.

In 568 the Kingdom of Wessex expanded eastwards as the West Saxons under Ceawlin defeated the Jutes at Wimbledon and conquered Surrey. Later Ceawlin was to conquer Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

The Kingdom of Wessex was greatly strengthened by Ceawlin's victory at Deorham near Bath whereby the West Saxons not only gained much of Gloucestershire and Somersetshire but, by so doing, divided the Britons of Wales from the 'West Welsh' of Devon and Cornwall.

Although Ceawlin was defeated by the Britons at 'Feathanlea' (the location corresponding to the name is unknown) in 584, the Kingdom of Wessex was firmly established.

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