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1555The Religios Peace of Augsburg; policy of cuius regio, eius religio accepted in Germany
1614.Sep.01Vincent Fettmich expels Jews from Frankfurt-on-Main in Germany
1871Unification of Germany in the wake of the Franco-Prussina War
1879.Mar.14Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in W�rttemberg, Germany
1888Accession of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany
1897.Mar.14Birth of the physicist Albert Einstein at Ulm, W�rttemberg, Germany
1899.Dec.02US and Germany agree to divide Samoa between them
1914Albert Einstein returns to Germany
He accepted research position in the Prussian Academy of Sciences together with a chair at the University of Berlin. He was offered the directorship of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics
1914.Aug.03Germany declares war on France
The USA declared its neutrality
1914.Aug.06Serbia declares war on Germany
1914.Aug.20Japan declares war on Germany
1916.Aug.28Italy declares war against Germany
1917.Aug.14China declares war on Germany and Austria
1918.Nov.11Armistice signed by Germany
1918.Nov.11ARMISTICE SIGNED BY GERMANY ENDING THE FIRST WORLD WAR: the kaiser abdicated and a republic declared
1920.FebNSDAP 25-point Party programme drawn up in Germany
1921.Aug.25US signs a peace treaty with Germany
1929.OctDeath of Gustav Streemann
1930.MarCollapse of M�ller\'s coalition government - Br�ning appointed chancellor of Germany
1932.AprRe-election of Hindenburg as president of Germany
1932.MayResignation of Br�ning - Papen becomes chancellor of Germany
1932.JulNazis become the largest party in elections to the German Reichstag
1932.Aug.13Adolf Hitler rejected the post of Vice Chancellor of Germany commenting thet he wanted all or nothing.
1932.Sep.12Papen dissolves the German Reichstag believing Nazi political support had passed its peak
1933.JanNazi party comes to power in Germany
1933.Jan.30Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of a coalition government in Germany establishing the Nazi dictatorship
1936.Aug.01Adolf Hitler presides over the opening of the Olympic Games in Germany
The Olypics and their caused a lul in the Nazi campaign of anti-Semitism in Germany
1938.Mar.13Austria annexed by Nazi Germany
1939.Mar.16Bohemia and Moravia annexed by Nazi Germany and declared a German Protectorate
1939.Mar.22Lithuania ceded Memel to Germany
1939.Sep.01Nazi Germany invades Poland
The declaration was made at 11.00am, effective 5.00pm
1942.Aug.11Pierre Laval, an official of the Vichy government publicly declared that the hour of liberation for France is the hour when Germany wins the war.
Germany divided by the Allies
1949Creation of the Federal Republic of Germany> (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
1950.Aug.23West Germany and Japan are re-admitted to the International Amateur Athletic Federation
1954.Oct.23Britain, France and the USSR agree to end occupation of Germany
1958.Nov.27USSR abrogates Allied war-time agreements on the control of Germany
1972.Aug.26Opening of the Summer Olympics open at Munich, West Germany
1975Christchurch, Dorset, twinned with Christchurch, New Zealand
Christchurch was also twinned with Aalen, Germany
1988.Aug.2870 people are killed in the crash of three Italian stunt planes at an air show in Germany
1989Fall of the Berlin Wall dividing East and West Germany
1989.Oct.18Erich Honecker, Communist leader of E Germany for 18, steps down from power through ill health
H is replaced by Egon Krenz, the head of internal and external security for the Politburo
1989.Nov.07Resignation of E Germany\'s Communist government in the face of mass public protests
1990.Oct.03Unification of East and West Germany
1990.Dec.02Parliamentary election held in newly-reunified Germany
Won by Chancellor Helmut Kohl\'s center-right coalition
1994.Aug.27Horst Ortmann sets a new world record at Langenthal in Germany; HE SPITS A CHERRY STONE A DISTANCE OF 28.98 METRES

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