Devon and Somerset
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Partly in Devon and partly in Somerset, at 693km� (267 sq. miles), Exmoor, created in 1954, is one of the country's smallest National Parks. It s named after its principal river, the Exe.

The varied countryside which lies within the boundaries of the park is also home to about 10,500 people. It was created a National Park because, for its size, it is one of the least spoilt areas of England and Wales, with many distinctive features. These include wildlife such as wild red deer and ponies as well as local breeds of demosticated farm animals, a variety of landscape including open moors and heaths, rolling hills high, wild and remote coastline, ancient oak woodland and beech hedgebanks and rare species. There is also a long continuity of human settlement with distinctive buildings and archaeological features.

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Variety of Landscape

The moorland in the north of the park is bounded by the towering cliffs and headlands, punctuated by the steep wooded ravines of many rivers and streams, which meet the Bristol Channel (Ilfracombe, Lynton, Porlock and Minehead) and have been designated a Heritage Coast.

The grass moorland inland is surrounded by undulating heather-clad hills. The moor rises to the 519 m (1704 ft) height of Dunkery Beacon and the high rainfall gives rise to a large number of streams flowing rapidly to the north and more gently to the south and cutting the moorland with "combes", steep wooded valleys.

The high land of the park catches the clouds from the Atlantic fronts which dominate Britain's weather causing them to shed rain of up to 2,000mm (80 inches) a year.

In the east of the park lie the Brendon Hills, heavily wooded in the north but covered in a patchwork of fields bounded by banks and beech hedges - a landscape which extends to the lower southern and western slopes of the high moor. Although some dairying is practised, most of the farming within the confines of the park consists of raising beef cattle and sheep.

The nature of the park has been created by thausands of years of farming and the grazing of sheep (which outnumber the human population by 50:1) in particualr as, by consuming heather, the tough moorland grasses and tree seedlings, the animals keep the moorland and grassland, which would naturally revert to climax woodland, open.

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1954Creation of the Exmoor National Park

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Exmoor National Park

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Exmoor Review 1995

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