Cornwall, England
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Trewellard, Cornwall, England         OS Map Grid Ref: SW376338
 The County of Cornwall
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Levant Steam Engine

Levant Steam Engine

In its tiny engine house perched on the cliff edge, the famous Levant beam engine is steaming again after sixty idle years. The sight, sounds and smells of this 160-year-old engine conjure up the feel of Cornwall�s industrial past. Half a mile along the cliff is Geevor mine (not NT) and a mining museum. A short underground tour takes the visitor from the miners� dry to the main engine shaft via a spiral staircase.
The Levant Steam Engine,
Trewellard, Cornwall
fax:   01736 786156
tel:   01736 786156 (01736 796993 when closed)


see also: Museums in Cornwall
Tin Mining in Cornwall
Tin Mines in Cornwall

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  Cornwall, England
1.5 km SE
  Cornwall, England
0.6 km SE
  Cornwall, England
1.3 km SE
  Cornwall, England
0.8 km NW
Lower Boscaswell
  Cornwall, England
0.9 km NW
  Cornwall, England
1.6 km NW

Geevor Tin Mine Heritage Centre
Pendeen, Penzance, Cornwall TR19 7EW
The last working mine in West Penwith and now a mining museum, provides you with a unique opportunity to experience the history of this traditional Cornish industry. Geevor Tin Mine sits on the breath-taking West Penwith coast in an area rich with natural
0.8 km NE

This lonely lighthouse is set on one of the most dangerous and dramatic stretches of coastline in Britain. In the days of sailing ships and unsophisticated navigational equipment, many vessels foundered on the rocks, but today, thanks to the constant sour
0.8 km NE

A unique private museum opened in 1935, covering all aspects of life in Zennor and the surrounding area from 3,000 BC to the 1930s. Exhibits include Wate
9 km NE

Entirely devoted to the Earth Sciences with stunning mineral and intriguing fossil displays. Witness the violent geological processes that have shaped our planets surface over the last four billion years. Plus unique gifts, educational material & books in
10.3 km SE
Trinity House
  National Lighthouse Centre,
Wharf Rd, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BN
The job of the lighthouse keeper has gone, replaced by automation, but stories of the life are told through the items previously found in daily use, evident throughout the museum. The collection includes lamps, clocks, furniture, uniforms, fog-horns, engi
10.3 km SE
Porthcurno Telegraph Museum
Eastern House, Porthcurno, Penzance TR19 6JX
Porthcurno was the site of the landfall of the first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable in 1970. During World War II, the communications centre here was moved into bomb-proof underground tunnels. The former installation i
11.4 km SE

Camping Sites
Trevaylor Camping Site
Truthwall Lane, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7PU
1.5 km SE
Trevedra Farm Caravan & Camping Site
Trevedra Farm, Sennen, Cornwall   TR19 7BE
5.9 km SE
Lower Treave Caravan & Camping Park
Lower Treave, Crows -an - Wra, Cornwall   TR19 6HZ
6.5 km SW
Tower Park Caravans & Camping
St Buryan, Cornwall   TR19 6BZ
8.7 km SW

Trewellard Arms Hotel
Trewellard Rd, Pendeen, Cornwall   TR19 7TA
0.1 km S
Boscean Country Hotel
St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7QP
2.1 km SE
Wellington Hotel
Market Square, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7HD
2.5 km SE
Commercial Hotel
Market Square, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7HE
2.5 km SE
Sunny Bank Hotel
Sea View Hill, Sennen, Cornwall   TR19 7AR
7.5 km SE
The Old Success Inn
Sennen Cove, Cornwall   TR19 7DG
7.9 km SE
Old Manor Hotel
Sennen, Cornwall   TR19 7AD
8.4 km SE
Lands End Hotel
Lands End, Sennen, Cornwall   TR19 7AA
9.3 km SE
Southern Comfort Hotel
8 Alexandra Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall   TR18 4NX
9.9 km SW
The Kings Arms Inn
Paul, Cornwall   TR19 6TZ
11.1 km SW

Public Houses
Radjel Inn
Boscaswell Terrace, Pendeen, Cornwall   TR19 7DS
1 km NW
The Queens Arms
The Botallack, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7QG
1.2 km SE
Kings Arms
5 Market Square, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7HF
2.4 km SE
The Miners Arms
9 Bank Square, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7HJ
2.4 km SE
Star Inn
1 Fore St, St Just, Cornwall   TR19 7LL
2.6 km SE
The Fountain Inn
dge, Cornwall   TR20 8QH
5.2 km SW
The Gurnards Head Hotel
Zennor, Cornwall   TR26 3DE
7 km NW


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