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The Act of Toleration of 1689 permitted the freedom of worship to Dissenters, but excluded Roman Catholics. The Act required the registration of dissenters' meeting houses with quarter sessions and bishops or archdeacons.


George Fox,   founder of the Society of Friends or 'Quakers'.


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1624Birth of George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends
1650Followers of George Fox nick-named \'Quakers\' during the course of his trial
1656Imprisonment of George Fox, founder of the Quaker sect, at Launceston, Cornwall
1661Corporation Act excludes Nonconformists from membership of town corporations
1673Test Act: English Catholics and Nonconformists prohobited and deprived civic or military office
The Acts full title - An act for preventing dangers which may happen from popish recusants
1678Test Act extended to Members of Parliament (-1866)
1682First Quaker Meeting House in Devon built at Spiceland nr. Uffculme
Built 9 years before the Act of Toleration, 7 of the trustees were imprisoned at Exeter goal
1689Act of Toleration: recognizes rights of Baptists , Congregationalists, Presbyterians, and Quakers to worship freely
Grants freedom of religious worship to all except Catholics and those denying the Trinity
1691Death of George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends
1703Birth of the Rnglish evangelist and founder of Methodism, John Wesley
1725Ordination of John Wesley as a deacon
1727John Wesley becomes curate to his father at Wroot
1728Ordination of John Wesley as a priest
1729John Wesley becomes a tutor at Lincoln College, Oxford
1735John Wesley travels to georgia ass a missionary on the death of his father
1738John Wesley experiences what he regards as a conversion at the Morovian Chapel in Fetter Lane
1739John Wesley begins his Journal
1740John Wesley withdraws from the Morovian Chapel in Fetter Lane
1742John Wesley starts itinerant teaching in England, Scotland and Ireland
1743First visit to Cornwall by John Wesley
1743A rule for the Society of Methodists, founded by John Wesley, is drawn up
1744John Wesley visits Trewint in Cornwall - his host, Digory Isbell, builds a chapel and guest room onto his cottage
The cottage is now open as a museum
1757John Wesley\'s first visit to Liskeard, Cornwall
1784John Wesley names his successors
1788Death of Charles Welsey (1707-), brother of John Wesley who he helped found and organise the Methodist movement
1789Last visit to Corwall of John Wesley
1791Death of the English evangelist and founder of Methodism, John Wesley
1791Act of Parliament requiring registration of Roman Catholic chapels with the Quarter Sessions
1793Scottish Catholic Relief Act
1812Act of Parliament requires nonconformist meeting houses to be registered three registering authorities
1815Present Quaker Meeting House built at Spicland nr. Uffculme, Devon
1828Repeal of the Test Act and the Corporation Act
1828Act of Toleration gives Dissenters right to take up public office
1829Act of Toleration extends freedom of worship to include Roman Catholics
Potestant Nonconformists were given freedom of worship in 1689
1829Catholic Emancipation Act gives non-Anglicans the right to sit in Parliament
1836Parliamentary Return of Dissenting Meeting Houses and Roman Catholic Chapels in England and Wales records all registered Nonconformist meeting houses and chapels
1851.Mar.30Religious Census in England and Wales; includes attendance at services on this day and information on the buildings
1852Act transfers registration of Nonconformist Meeting Houses and Chapels to the Registrar General
Former licensing authorities to supply returns of all Protestant nonconformist places of worship from 1689 - in the Public Record Office (RG31)
1950.May.24Opening of Wesley Cottage at Trewint in Cornwall as a Wesley Museum and place of pilgrimage

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