Devon, England
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South Brent, Devon, England         OS Map Grid Ref: SX700600
 The County of Devon
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Newton Abbot
  Devon, England
20.1 km NW
  Devon, England
7.4 km SE
  Devon, England
16.3 km SW
  Devon, England
10.4 km NW
  Devon, England
7 km NW
  Devon, England
11.7 km NW
  Devon, England
17.4 km NE
  Devon, England
16.1 km SE

Allhallows Museum
High Street, Honiton, Devon EX14 1PG
The finest collection of 16th to early 20th century lace; Honiton Pottery; a mid Victorian furnished dolls house; palaentology; childrens toys; a war gallery; mementoes of Allhallows School and the Borough of Honiton; coins and trade tokens.
61.2 km NE
Torrington Museum & Archive
Town Hall, The Square, Gt Torrington, Devon EX38 8HN
Industry, agriculture, dairying, railways, roads, people, costume, bygones, the town, the country and the customs are all featured in our collection.
62.6 km NW
Coldharbour Mill Working Wool Museum
Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon EX15 3EE
The sights and sounds of a Victorian mill - all the stages that a sheeps fleece goes through to make the finished wool. Some of the range of machinery, from the Victorian era to recent times, is demonstrated on guided tours.
64.1 km NE
Bude-Stratton Museum Office
The Castle, Bude EX23 8LG
Canal related displays in the museum show the planning, building and working era of the Bude Canal, and include a working model of an incline plane. Photographs and text also show the decline of the canal and the present-day state of much of its course, t
67 km NW
Burton Art Gallery and Museum
Kingsley Road, Bideford, Devon
The Burton Art Gallery and Museum was re-opened in May 1994, after a major extension and refurbishment. The new building has three exhibition spaces, a museum, craft gallery, shop, workshop and lecture area and Coffee Shop.
71 km NW
Somerset County Museum
The Castle, Castle Green, Taunton TA1 4AA
Natural history, geology, archaeology, social and industrial history and art mainly relating to Somerset; Taunton Deane Gallery; Colthurst Collection of Chinese pottery; Temporary Exhibition Gallery.
83.6 km NE
Somerset Cricket Museum
7 Priory Avenue, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1XX
Cricketing memorabilia mainly relating to Somerset County Cricket Club
83.6 km NE
Somerset Military Museum
The Castle, Castle Green, Taunton TA1 4AA
Correspondence to: 1
Somerset Light Infantry; North Somerset & West Somerset Yeomanries; Militia; Rifle Volunteer corps; Territorial Army and todays Regiment - The Light Infantry.
83.6 km NE
Willows and Wetlands Visitor Centre
Stoke St Gregory, Taunton, Somerset TA3 6HY
The Willows and Wetlands Visitor Centre is situated in the heart of the Somerset levels, an internationally recognised wetland area. Visitors may browse free of charge in the Levels and Moors Exhibition, Basketware Museum and video room.
93.2 km NE

Camping Sites
Lower Aish
Poundsgate, Devon   TQ13 7NY
12.1 km NW
Sea View Campsite
Newlands, Slapton, Devon   TQ7 2RB
17.7 km SW
Manor Farm Camping
Totnes Rd, Strete, Devon   TQ6 0RU
18.8 km SW
Karrageen Caravan & Camping Park
Karrageen House, Bolberry, Malborough, Devon   TQ7 3EN
20.8 km SE
Higher Rew Camping & Caravan Park
Higher Rew Farm, Malborough, Devon   TQ7 3DW
21.8 km SW
Wear Farm
Newton Rd, Bishopsteignton, Devon   TQ14 9PT
22.9 km NW
W & J Hosking
Upton Manor Farm, St Marys Rd, Devon   TQ5 9QH
22.9 km SW

Public Houses
The Blagdon Inn
Blagdon Barton, Devon   TQ4 7PU
15.5 km NW
Noahs Ark Inn
Totnes Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 7HB
17.3 km SW
42 Elmbank Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 5NG
18.3 km NW
Torbay Inn
34 Fisher St, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 5ER
18.7 km NW
The Lime Tree
11 Dartmouth Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 5AA
18.7 km NW
Hiota Leisure
62-70 Victoria St, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 5DS
18.9 km NW
Station Square, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 5DS
18.9 km NW
The Harvest Moon
11 Grange Rd, Goodrington, Devon   TQ4 7JT
18.9 km SW
53 Torbay Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 6AJ
19.1 km NW
Talk of the Town
46-52 Torbay Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 6AL
19.1 km NW
Waterside Inn
128 Dartmouth Rd, Goodrington, Devon   TQ4 6ND
19.1 km SW
The Manor Inn
Stoke Gabriel Rd, Galmpton, Devon   TQ5 0NL
19.1 km SW
The Beach Cafe Bar - Nightclub
18 Esplanade Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 6BD
19.2 km NW
Spinning Wheel Inn
Esplanade, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 6ED
19.3 km NW
The Pier Inn
59 Roundham Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ4 6DS
19.4 km NW
The Trawler
66 North Boundary Rd, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8LA
21.8 km SW
The Skipper Inn
57 Drew St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9LA
22.6 km SW
The Watermans Arms
107 Drew St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9LA
22.6 km SW
Bell Inn
108 Drew St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9JY
22.6 km SW
5 Bolton St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9DE
22.6 km SW
Queens Arms
31 Station Hill, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8BN
22.7 km SW
The Manor Inn
28 Higher St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8HW
22.7 km SW
The Burton
23 Burton St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9HZ
22.7 km SW
Union Lane, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8DY
22.7 km SW
Three Elms Inn
Drew St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9JU
22.7 km SW
The Sprat & Mackerel
24 The Quay, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8AW
22.8 km SW
Crown & Anchor
The Quay, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8AW
22.8 km SW
Rising Sun Inn
8 The Quay, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8AW
22.8 km SW
Bullers Arms
4 The Strand, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8EH
22.8 km SW
The Globe
61 Fore St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8AG
22.8 km SW
The Blue Anchor
83 Fore St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 8AH
22.8 km SW
Hole in the Wall
8 King St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9TW
22.9 km SW
Maritime Inn
King St, Brixham, Devon   TQ5 9TH
23 km SW

Video Sales & Hire
Harbour Video
10 Duke St, Kingsbridge, Devon   TQ7 1HU
16.2 km SW
Video Tonight
2 Blatchcombe Drive, Paignton, Devon   TQ3 2JW
17.9 km NW
South Pacific Video Centre
65 Torquay Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ3 2RY
18.7 km NW
Choices Video
288-290 Torquay Rd, Preston, Devon   TQ3 2EU
19.3 km NW
Planet Gamesworld
345a Torquay Rd, Paignton, Devon   TQ3 2EP
19.3 km NW
Torview Video
3 Old Mill Rd, Torquay, Devon   TQ2 6AU
20.6 km NW
Blockbuster Entertainment
Sainsburys, Nicholson Rd, Torquay, Devon   TQ2 7HT
20.7 km NW
Video World
1 South St, Torre, Devon   TQ2 5AE
21.3 km NW
Blockbuster Entertainment
2 Market St, Torquay, Devon   TQ1 3AQ
21.9 km NW
Adult Play Things
19 Market St, Torquay, Devon   TQ1 3AF
22 km NW
The Video Library
49 Market St, Torquay, Devon   TQ1 3AW
22 km NW
Mayfair Video
65 Princes Rd, Torquay, Devon   TQ1 1NW
22.2 km NW
Picture Palace
171 St. Marychurch Rd, Torquay, Devon   TQ1 3HP
22.4 km NW
E.T Videos
16 Buckwell St, Plymouth, Devon   PL1 2DA
22.6 km SE
127 Market Stalls, Plymouth, Devon   PL1 1PR
23.1 km SE
Choices Video
127 Union St, Plymouth, Devon   PL1 3HF
23.7 km SE
The Candy Shop
9 Fore St, Chudleigh, Devon   TQ13 0HX
25.6 km NW


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