Dorset, England
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Agglestone, Dorset, England         OS Map Grid Ref: SZ020830
 The County of Dorset
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Map from Lycos @ 1:50,000
Map from Lycos @ 1:50,000

The picture shows the Agglestone from the south with part of Poole Harbour seen in the background.
Agglestone is a huge iron sandstone mass which is 5.1 metres (17 feet) in height with a girth of some 80 feet and has been estimated to weigh no less than 400 tons. It stands atop a low mound on Studland Comon about 1.6 km (1 mile) to the north-west of the Village of Studland. As with any such curious feature, Agglestone has acquired a goodly load of legends.

One of these legends claims the mound upon which the sandstone mass lays as the final resting-place of a British chieftain who faught and fell defending his homeland from the Roman invaders.

Another story recounts how the Devil picked the rock up on the Isle of Wight and flew across the Solent with the intention of dropping it on Salisbury Cathedral which he despised for its beauty as much as for its sacred associations. Finding his burden simply too much he dropped the boulder where it now reposes. Another version claims that the Devil threw it from the Isle of Wight at Corfe Castle but that it fell short of his mark.

Agglestone has a smaller neighbour known as the Puckstone and sometimes the pair are known as the Holy Stone and the Fairy Stone. The name Agglestone derives from the Old English 'hagolstan ' or holy-stone (from whence 'hailstone ').

Large areas of the Purbecks to the west of Studland are they palyground of the military with either limited or no access to the public. For a considerable time after World War II the areas around Agglestone and Little Sea were ringed with signs warning of the dangers of military obstructions and there were instances of accidents involving hidden explosives.

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THe Explosive Legacy of WW-II

Agglestone Heath Fire of July 30th, 2002

A fire thought to have been started by campers at about 2200h on the evening of Tuesday, July 30th, 2002 swept over about five acres of Agglestone Heath burning heather and gorse. The vast majority of the heathland consumed by the fire was dry heath although a small portion of wet heath was also lost. Although the Agglestone itself was not touched by the flames, they did reach within a 100 metres of it.

The National Trust expressed concern about the rare reptiles which inhabit the heath - sand lizards, slow worms and smooth snakes. The sand lizards are very territiorial animals and hide in their burrows - deprived of ground-cover by a fire, they become easy prey for predators when they emerge into the scorched landscape.

See also: Dorset Fire and Rescue Service: Recent Fires

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Ironstone boulders at Hengistbury Head

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