Brownsea Island, POOLE HARBOUR, Dorset, England
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Brownsea Castle, Dorset, England         OS Map Grid Ref: SZ028875
 The County of Dorset
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Map from Lycos @ 1:25,000
Map from Lycos @ 1:25,000

The castle was built at the southern extremity of Brownsea Island to command shipping entering and leaving the narrow mouth of the harbour between Sandbanks and the Studland Peninsula on the orders of Henry VIII. It was strengthened during the reign of Charles I.

This position of control over the shipping caused considerable annoyance to the mariners of Poole as a complaint of 1581 records;-

The Goovner of Bronkseye doth molest the inhabitants of the towne, and will not suffer them to passe any persons from Northaven Point, butt doth threaten them to shoote at them, and violently doth take their monye from them, which is not only great hindrance to poor men that were woonte to gayne that wayse, but also an infrynginge of our liberties, wherefore we think yt verye necessarye to be remedyd.

....little seems to have come from the protests of the townsfolk for, subsequently, the governor of the castle shot at the Bountiful Gift killing the vessels captain and owner, a Walter Meryatt.

The Civil War brought a Parliamentary garrison to the castle but, thereafter, it became a dwelling and various additions have been made to it from time to time.

Brownsea Island and all upon it came into the possession of Lieutenant-Colonel Waugh in 1848 and he spent a great deal of money developing it by building cottages and a church. The austere castle itself did not escape his attentions either - given a Tudor-Gothic frontage it was remodelled as a splendid mansion.

The castle burnt down in 1896 and was rebuilt presenting and opportunity for the interior being remodelled.

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