Wiltshire, England
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Edington, Wiltshire, England         OS Map Grid Ref: ST930532
 The County of Wiltshire
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Edington is a small village on the northern edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

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The 14th-century Priory Church was once a monastery for the Augustinian Order of Bonshommes. In 1332, William of Edington, Bishop of Winchester, founded a college for priests in the village.

In the 15th century, William Ayscough, Bishop of Salisbury and confessor to Henry VI, was forced to flee Salisbury because of a rebellion that happened during that time. He fled to Edington and took refuge at the church but was later discovered. On 29 June 1450 he was taken from the High Altar during Mass and murdered in the fields outside the church.

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The Edington Music Festival

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  Wiltshire, England
5.8 km SE
  Wiltshire, England
5.2 km NW
Steeple Ashton
  Wiltshire, England
4.2 km NE
  Wiltshire, England
6.2 km NW
Great Cheverell
  Wiltshire, England
5.5 km NW
  Wiltshire, England
1.6 km SE

Woodland Heritage Museum and Woodland Park
Brokerswood, Wiltshire BA13 4EH
80 acres of woodland with nature trails, walks, visitor centre and adventure playground.
9.4 km SW
Trowbridge Museum
  The Shires Shopping Centre,
Court Street, Trowbridge, Wilts. BA14 8AT
The museum is housed in Salters Mill, the last working woollen mill in the town. The large collection of machinery tells the story of the towns wool industry and includes possibly the best surviving of a Spinning Jenny. There is also a reconstruction of a
10.2 km NW
Devizes Museum
41 Long St, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1NS
World famous Neolithic, Bronze and iron age collections.
11.2 km NE
Wiltshire Heritage Museum
41 Long Street, Devizes, Wilts. SN10 1NS
The archaeology collections trace the history of people in Wiltshire from the earliest times - Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Saxon, and Medieval. The Recent History gallery describes different aspects of life in Wiltshire in more m
11.2 km NE
Lacock Fox Talbot Museum
Lacock nr Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2LG
A museum of photography comemmorating William Fox Talbot who was the inventor of the modern photographic negative.
15.1 km NW
Tan Hill
  Wiltshire, England
18.9 km NE

Camping Sites
Stonehenge Touring Park
Orcheston, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP3 4SH
15.3 km SW
Blackland Leisure Ltd
Stockley Lane, Calne, Wiltshire   SN11 0NQ
17.4 km NW
Seven Acres
West Woodlands, Somerset   BA11 5EQ
17.5 km SE
Hill View Park
Oare, Wiltshire   SN8 4JE
24.4 km NW
North Leaze Farm Camp Site
North Leaze Farm, Highworth, Wiltshire   SN6 7QT
24.4 km NW
The Camping & Caravanning Club
Hudsons Field Caravan Site, Castle Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 3RR
30.5 km SW

Fieldways Hotel & Health Club
Hilperton Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 7JP
8 km NE
The Polebarn Hotel
Polebarn Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 7EG
8.2 km NE
Hotel Bythesea
Bythesea Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 8HR
8.5 km NE
Smallbrook House Hotel
Smallbrook House, Staverton, Wiltshire   BA14 6NX
9.7 km NE
The Old Manor Hotel
Trowle, Wiltshire   BA14 9BL
10.2 km NE
The Plume Of Feathers
High St, Shrewton, Wiltshire   SP3 4BZ
16.7 km SW
Antelope Inn
3 High St, Upavon, Wiltshire   SN9 6EA
20.7 km NW
The Woodbridge Inn
North Newnton, Wiltshire   SN9 6JZ
20.7 km NW
The Beckford Arms
Fonthil Gifford, Tisbury, Wiltshire   SP3 6PX
22 km SW
Howards House Hotel
Teffont Evias, Wiltshire   SP3 5RJ
22.9 km SW
Swan Inn
Warminster Rd, Stoford, Wiltshire   SP2 0PR
23.5 km SW
The Compasses Inn
Lower Chicksgrove, Wiltshire   SP3 6NB
24.2 km SW
Stonehenge Inn
2 Stonehenge Rd, Durrington, Wiltshire   SP4 8BN
24.3 km SW
Countess Rd, Amesbury, Wiltshire   SP4 7AS
25.1 km SW
Antrobus Arms Hotel
Church St, Amesbury, Wiltshire   SP4 7EU
25.3 km SW
The Barford Inn
Grovely Rd, Barford St Martin, Wiltshire   SP3 4AB
25.3 km SW
Fairlawn Hotel
42 High St, Amesbury, Wiltshire   SP4 7DL
25.5 km SW
The George Hotel
High St, Amesbury, Wiltshire   SP4 7ET
25.5 km SW
The Bell Inn
Shaftesbury Rd, Wilton, Wiltshire   SP2 0DR
27.2 km SW
The Inn
High Post, Wiltshire   SP4 6AT
27.8 km SW
Pembroke Arms Hotel
Minster St, Wilton, Wiltshire   SP2 0BH
28 km SW
Cricketfield House Hotel
Wilton Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 9NS
29.8 km SW
Milford Hall Hotel
206 Castle St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 3TE
31.2 km SW
The Cat
115 South Western Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 7RR
31.2 km SW
Clovelly Hotel
17-19 Mill Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 7RT
31.3 km SW
Victoria Hotel
76 Mill Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 7RT
31.3 km SW
Travel Inn
Pearce Way, Bishopsdown, Wiltshire   SP1 3GU
31.4 km SW
White Horse Hotel
38 Castle St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 1BN
31.5 km SW
The Old Mill Hotel
Town Path, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 8EU
31.6 km SW
Kings Head Inn
1 Bridge St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2ND
31.7 km SW
The Cathedral Hotel
7-9 Milford St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2AJ
31.9 km SW
Best Western Red Lion Hotel
4 Milford St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2AN
31.9 km SW
The Retreat Inn
33 Milford St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2AP
32 km SW
The White Hart Hotel
1 St John St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2SD
32.1 km SW
Huntsman Tavern
Gigant St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2BQ
32.1 km SW
Kings Arms Hotel
9 St John St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 2SB
32.1 km SW

Police Stations
Westbury Police Station
7 Station Rd, Westbury, Wiltshire   BA13 3JL
6.1 km SE
Trowbridge Police Station
Polebarn Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 7EP
8.2 km NE
Warminster Police Station
Station Rd, Warminster, Wiltshire   BA12 9BR
9.6 km SE
Bradford-on-Avon Police Station
Avonfield Avenue, Bradford - On - Avon, Wiltshire   BA15 1JD
11.8 km NE
Calne Police Station
Silver St, Calne, Wiltshire   SN11 0JF
18.5 km NW
Mere Police Station
White Rd, Mere, Wiltshire   BA12 6EX
23.4 km SE
Tisbury Police Station
The Avenue, Tisbury, Wiltshire   SP3 6JJ
23.9 km SW
Amesbury Police Station
Salisbury Rd, Amesbury, Wiltshire   SP4 7HQ
26 km SW
Wilton Police Station
45 Russell St, Wilton, Wiltshire   SP2 0BG
27.8 km SW
Salisbury Divisional Headquarters
Wilton Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 7HR
30.4 km SW

Post Offices
Bratton PO
Melbourne St, Bratton, Wiltshire   BA13 4RW
1.5 km SE
Westbury PO
42 Edward St, Westbury, Wiltshire   BA13 3BG
5.9 km SE
Queens Square PO
2 Queens Square, Westbury, Wiltshire   BA13 3LR
6.6 km SE
Semington PO Stores
High St, Semington, Wiltshire   BA14 6JR
7.9 km NE
Post Office
1a Roundstone St, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 8DJ
8.4 km NE
Goodwin Close PO & Community Store
Goodwin Close, Warminster, Wiltshire   BA12 0DF
8.5 km SE
Seymour Rd PO
Seymour Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 8LS
9 km NE
Brook Road PO
72 Brook Rd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   BA14 9DL
9.4 km NE
Holt PO
180 The Common, Holt, Wiltshire   BA14 6QL
10.8 km NE
Warminster Common Sub-PO
One Stop Community Stores, Broadway Roundabout, Wiltshire   BA12 8EB
11 km SE

Public Houses
The George & Dragon
11 High St, Erlestoke, Wiltshire   SN10 5TX
3.7 km NW
Longs Arms
High St, Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire   BA14 6EU
4 km NE
The Tipsy Toad
High St, Bulkington, Wiltshire   SN10 1SJ
5.3 km NW
The Bell Inn
High St, Great Cheverell, Wiltshire   SN10 5TH
5.4 km NW
Rose & Crown
108 High St, Worton, Wiltshire   SN10 5SE
6 km NW
Lion & Fiddle
Trowbridge Rd, Hilperton, Wiltshire   BA14 7QQ
7.9 km NE

Video Sales & Hire
Blockbuster Entertainment
3 George St, Warminster, Wiltshire   BA12 8QA
9.8 km SE
Unit 1 , The High St, Calne, Wiltshire   SN11 0BS
19.1 km NW
Blockbuster Entertainment
52 Fisherton St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP2 7RB
31.5 km SW
Choices Video
1 Winchester St, Salisbury, Wiltshire   SP1 1HB
31.8 km SW


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