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1837Start of the reign of Queen Victoria
1901End of the reign of Queen Victoria

21st Century AD
Labour government proposed to alter the automatic right to trial by jury for certain offences
Oliver Cromwell voted tenth in a popular poll of Great Britons conducted by the BBC
Jan  07th  
1,500 medical and military reservists called up in readiness for war with Iraq
Apr  09th  
Successful launch of the European Ariane V rocket from Kourou spaceport in French Guiana carrying an Indian and a US satellite
Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Insat 3A launched by Ariane 5 into geostationary orbit
The 2,950-kg stellite provides TV, meteorology and communications
US PanAmSat's Galaxy XII stellite launched in geostationary orbit by Ariane V
The satellite provides telecommunications links between the US, Alaska and Hawaii
May  01st  
US president Bush announces the end of hostilities in Iraq
Aug  10th  
38.1�C, the highest temperature since records began, was recorded at Gravesend in Kent.
Aug  14th  
A failure of the inter-connected electricity grids of Canada and the USA caused a huge blackout affecting some 50 million people including cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Ottawa and Toronto
The incident prompted questions about whether such an event could happen in the UK
Aug  15th  
Many people in the USA and canada still without electric power after the previous days massive power cut
Aug  16th  
Death of Idi Amin the brutal President of Uganda for 8 years
Aug  18th  
Archaeologists diving in the Solent believe that the 5-metre timber they found in the silt was the front portion of the keel of the Mary Rose
Aug  22nd  
Explosion of Brazil's VLS-3 rocket a few days before launch kills 20 technicians
The blast at the Alcantara base in Brazil's NEastern state of Maranhao wascaused when one of the four rocket motors caught fire. The VLS-3 was to put 2 weather satellites into space.
Aug  25th  
Greg Dyke, Director General of the BBC, suggested that the BBCs extensive film archive might be made available free for private use on broadband internet at the Edinburgh Festival
Aug  27th  
Closest approach of the planet Mars to Earth in almost 60,000 years at 1051 BST (0951 GMT) the two planets will be 56 million kilometres (35 million miles) apart - about the closest they can get
Mars is visible as a bright orange object in the night sky for many weeks, outshining any other celestial body except the Moon and Venus
Aug  28th  
Prime Minister Tony Blair gives evidence to the Hutton Inquiry
Power-cut hits rush-hour London causing chaos
The fault in the national grid at 1826h affected the 275,000 volt a ring around London and power was restored to the distribution network in London at 1900h
A world record cucumber weighing 12-kg (27 pounds) was displayed at Shepton Mallet in Somerset
The primary school opened at Cotford St Luke, Somerset\'s newest village (near Taunton)
It is the only public facility in the new village of 900 houses
Demolition work starts at Princess Alexandra Hospital (RAF), Wroughton
Planning permisssion granted for the new visitor Centre at Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth, Dorset
Sept  04th  
The Foreign Office announced that it had authorised staff at the British embassy in Tehran and their familes to leave if they wished to do so
The Bank of England's two-day Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting left interest rates on hold at a record low of 3.5% for the second consecutive month
Sept  11th  
Commander Richard Farrington and three other officers pleaded guilty at court martial of negligence in running the state-of-the-art destroyer, HMS Norwich onto rocks
Repairs to the vessel had so far cost �39-millions
Former soldier Ian Foulkes, 39, of Chippenham, finished his walk from Porton Down in Wiltshire to Downing Street by presenting a petition to No 10 requesting a public inquiry into experiments on British soldiers with nerve agents like Sarin
Ian was one of the 25,000 human guinea pigs who took part in experiments undertaken at the top secret government establishment from the 1950s to the 1980s and claims (like many others) that his health has never recovered from the tests see: Porton Down Support Group
Sept  12th  
Death of Country and Western star Johnny Cash, aged 71
Sept  14th  
Swedes vote not to join the European currency
Sept  21st  
US spacecraft Galileo plunges into Jupiter after 14 years
Death of Lord Gareth Williams of Mostyn, leader of the House of Lords, in Gloucestrshire aged 62
Sept  24th  
Software giant Microsoft, the world\'s largest ISP provider announced it was closing all non-subscription chat-room services from October 14th
Sept  28th  
Swan found beaten to death, possibly with a golf club, in Goodrington Park, Torbay
Burning fragments of a meteorite injure at least 20 people and damage homes in the Kendrapara district in Orissa, eastern India
Cornwall\'s NHS, $31-million in debt, barred from taking �8-million loan from Cornwall County Council\'s reserve by auditors
Third largest solar flare since regular solar monitoring began in 1978
Plymouth City Council introduce evening and Sunday charging in car parks
Oct  05th  
Prime-time homosexual kiss on episode of ITV1 soap opera Coroantion Street (running 41 years) causes 21 objections from the public to the ITC
Oct  12th  
Exeter Central Library starts opening on Sundays between 10.30am and 2.00pm
Oct  14th  
All non-subscription chat-room services provided by softare giant Microsoft closed down
Microsoft claims the move is a response to recent cases where paedophiles have met children contacted in chat-rooms on the net
Death of Commander Patrick Dalzel-Job - said to have been the inspiration for Ian Fleming\'s James Bond
The body of murdered 25-year-old vice-girl mother-of-two Nadine Hillier found by fisherman in a lake in Eastville Park, Bristol
BAE Systems (employing 590 in Plymouth) announces the loss of 280 jobs at its site in Southway in Plymouth because of a downturn in its military business
BAE Systems (employing 590 staff in Plymouth) announces 280 jobs losses at its site in Southway in Plymouth because of the downturn in its military business
Oct  15th  
US diplomatic convoy to interview candidates for scholarship in the United States hit by massive bomb blast near the village of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip killing 3 US personnel and injured one
Welsh Assembly Members to offer older loacal authiry councillors who have served for at least 16 years �1,000 for each year - up to a maximum of �20,000 - provided stand down at the 2004 elections
They aim to encourage the old to retire from county councils to make way for younger councillors
China launches its first astronaught, Yang Liwei, into space in the Shenzhou V spacecraft launched the Long March 2F rocket
Nato formally launches its 9,000-strong rapid response force capable of deployment to troublespots anywhere in the world within five days
20-year-old Hannah White from Lymington in Hampshire who set off on a 1,500-mile voyage around Britain and Ireland in her 21-foot yacht abandoned the attempt after less than 12 hours with her mainsail ripped her autopilot faulty
Statten Island Ferry in New York, carrying 70,000 comuters and tourists a day, hit a pier killing 12 people and injuring many others
Half of Kenya\'s senior judges suspended while two tribunals investigate charges of corruption against them
Oct  16th  
UN Security Council votes unanimously for a revised US text setting out Iraq\'s political future after months of wrangling
The resolution reserves the dominant role for the US-led administration but calls on it to transfer sovereignty and government back to the Iraqi people \'as soon as practicable\'
Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council votes against f severance payment to councillors who wish to stand down after at least 16 years\' service
DML (which runs Devonport Dockyard) announces it has submitted a bid to buy Devon shipyard Appledore Shipbuilders
Results from 3-year trials of GM crops published in the UK; oilseed rape and beet crop shown to be more harmful to many groups of wildlife than their natural equivalents; a GM maize is more benign to other plants and animals than the natural crop
Oct  17th  
UK Rail Regulator calls for �8-billion extra public funding for urgently-needed maintenance and improvement work
Broken rail causes second derailment on the London Underground within a year on train carrying 76 passengers from Hammersmith into London. The train derailed 200 yards (182 metres) outside Barons Court station
Prison population in England and Wales reaches record high of 74,023 despite extension of electronic tagging in 2002 to reduce the pressure on prisons
Oct  18th  
British-born Michael Foale blasts off from Baikonur for his sixth trip into space
With Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri, he will stay on the International Space Station (ISS) for 6 months
Florence Seccombe, thought to be in her 70s and known locally as Flo found dead at Bretonside bus station, Plymouth from a single stab wound to the neck
Oct  19th  
British Prime Minister Tony Bleaire is treated for 5 hours at London\'s Hammersmith Hospital for an irregular heart rythm
Second London tube derailment (at camden Town) within 48hrs
Oct  20th  
British Medical Association announces 60% of NHS consultants in England have voted in favour of new NHS contracts
Oct  21st  
House of Lords votes by majority of 212 in favour of allowing hunting to continue under licence - in contradiction of the Commons
PM Blaire announced Northern Ireland elections on November 26th which would restore devolved power-sharing
Kevin Philips, barricaded inside a house in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset for 2 days and believed armed with a machete give himself up to police
Taunton inquest jury returns unlawful killing verdict on Michael Carroll, 72, of Street, Rita Spencer, 68, of Ashcot, and Virginia Wall, 76, of Glastonbury, who died in an outbreak of Legionnaires\' diseas after visitng a B and Q store in Glastonbury September 1998
The source of the outbreak was thought to be a water cooling tower at the adjoining Imco Plastics factory
Huge forest fires start in California
Oct  22nd  
Five police officers resign and three suspended the day after BBC broadcasts The Secret Policeman by undercover reporter Mark Daly exposing racialism
British sprinter Dwain Chambers denies knowingly taking the steriod tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) for which he tested positive on Aug. 1st
Man arrested in connection with the murder of prostitute Nadine Hillier
Devonport Dockyard operator DML announces proposes to ship redundant nuclear reactors from submarines to Dounreay nuclear plant (Scotland) following protests by anti-nuclear groups at Devonport
Oct  24th  
Anglo-French supersonic airliner Concorde to make its last commercial flight
Network Rail announce it will not be using maintenance contractors after crticisms of standards
Foreign Office warns Britons not to travel to Saudi Arabia unless essential because of possible terrorist threat to aliens there
Asylum Amnesty: Home Office announced 15,000 asylum seekers and their families (total of 50,000 refugees) allowed to remain in Britain indefinitely because of long delays in their cases going to court
Oct  25th  
Marine Conservation Society\'s annual conference in Exeter
Unnamed girl aged 12 from Carlisle gave birth to a 6lb baby at Cumberland Infirmary
Oct  26th  
Sutton Harbour Holdings which runs Plymouth Airport has started a new airline, Air Southwest to fly between Newquay, Plymouth and Gatwick
BA decided to end services Cornwall and Plymouth earlier in 2003
Mid Devon District Council plans to close public toilets leaving only four (2 at Tiverton, 1 each at Crediton and Cullompton) to save �70,000
Oct  27th  
Baghdad bombs at headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross and four police stations kill 34 and injure over 220
Oct  28th  
Former army Major Charles Ingram of Easterton, Wiltshire, convicted of insurance fraud - two charges of deception relating to two house contents insurance policies - at Bournemouth Crown Court
Andrew James Stevens, of Underlane, Launceston, jailed by Bodmin Magistrates for 30 days for non-payment of �1,217.36 in council tax
He had been given a suspended sentence in August on the understanding that he would pay off the council tax debt and cost in instalments
Body of a woman found in a stairwell at the Holiday Inn on the Hoe, Plymouth\'s seafront
Oct  29th  
Eleven miners rescued after 6 days, one dead and one missing and one seriously injured at the Zapadnaya coal mine, Novoshakhtinsk, Rostov Province, southern Russia
14-year-old girl missing from Lincoln County Hospital since Oct 22nd walks into Devon police station with John Wayne Marshall, aged 26
Conservative Party leader for just over 2 years, Ian Duncan Smith, ousted by 90/75 MPs
MPs vote to downgrade cannabis from a Class B to a Class C drug by a majority of 156, putting it in the same bracket as tranquilisers and steroids
The legislation comes into effect in January 2004
450 staff at Agusta Westland helicopter factory, Yeovil, vote for industrial action in a pay dispute
Oct  31st  
Bill allowing the British Library to archive web pages recieves royal assent
UK postal sevices disrupted by wildcat strikes
Nov  01st  
Iraq: more US soldiers have died in the peace declared by pres. Bush on May 1 than in hostilities
Truro and St Austell MP Matthew Taylor calls for central government to write of the Cornish health authority\\\'s �31-million debt
Nov  02nd  
Dedication of Field of Remembrance at the Post Office, Liskeard, Cornwall
Screening of Dianna: The Night She Died on Channel 5 suggests the inquiry into the death of Princess Dianna, Dodi al Fayed and Henri Paul was complex, full of shortcommings and secrecy
e.g.; Backed by Mohammed al Fayed, Henri Paul\'s family have still not been able to secure access to his body samples to conduct DNA tests to ensure they are indeed his samples which are claimed to show his blood was 2 times over the UK alcohol limit to drive and ALSO contained so much CO as to render him incapable of driving
First gay bishop of the Anglican Church consecrated - Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, US
BBC Panorama programme claims S Wales police fabricated evidence in the claims South Wales Police made up evidence in the Clydach murders of 1999, infamous for their brutality
Nov  03rd  
Post Ofiice and Union ask unofficial strikers to return to work after agreement reached
BSkyB annouces appointment of James Murdoch, son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, as its new chief executive
Nov  04th  
Firefighters take unofficial action refusing to work other than 999 calls after employers announce 7% payrise will not be implemented on Nov 11th but phased in
Eden Project submits revised plans for a third biome at the Cornish site to Restormel Borough Council
CoE report says homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals should be treated with compassion and as equal Christians
Screening of the last episode of Channel 4\'s soap Brrokside based on a Liverpool close
The series had run for 21 years
Nuremberg couple, Helmut and Erika Simon, acknowledged by court in Bolzano as the finders of Oetzi, - a 5,300-year-old frozen male corpse, the best preserved ever found, while walking in South Tyrol in 1991
Oetzi is the star attraction at Bolzano museum
Nov  05th  
100 jobs to be lost at Swindon call centre of Endeva which provides services and call centre support for Boxclever (formerly Granada/Radio Rentals), and was placed into administration in September
David Wilson Homes and Haley Conference Centres given planning permission for 150 homes and conference centre on site of Princess Alexandra Hospital (RAF), Wroughton
Nov  06th  
UN Legal Committee of the General Assembly votes 80-79 for Iranian proposal to delay decision on global ban on research into all forms of human cloning for two years
Micheal Howard confirmed as new leader of Conservative Party (no other candidates came forward) after ousting of Iain Duncan Smith
South Hams District Council in Devon decidesto reduce the second home owners discount on council tax from 50% to 10% raising approx. �2-million from the 11.5% of its houses used as second homes
The first council to do so since the powers introduced in the Local Government Act 2003
Bank of England raises base lending rate (for the first time in nearly 4 years) to 3.75%
UK becomes first country to sign agreement protecting the wreck of the Titanic - it is hoped Canada and US will follow
Nov  07th  
Government loses vote on foundation hospitals (giving limited operational and financial autonomy to some English hospitals) by 150/100 votes in the Lords
Vosper Thorneycroft bid for Appledore Shipyard in Devon
Nov  10th  
swuklink.com introduces a Museums of the West Country with gazateers and comprehensive search facilities
Nov  11th  
First leadership ballot of MPs in election for Conseervative Party leader
Nov  17th  
Czech police arrest hundreds of 15,000 protestors, mostly students, demonstrating against the Communist governemnt led by Milos Jakes
Nov  26th  
Northern Ireland Assembly elections
Nov  28th  
Newquay airport announces it may be the first in the UK to impose its own departure charges
Goverment announces A30 imporovements to create a continuous dual carriageway between Camborne and the M5 at Exeter are a priority
Nov  29th  
Survey by Nationwide Anglia Building Society shows house prices rose by 1.2% in November, down on October figure of 2% average property price at �133,388
Dec  01st  
Using a hand-held cellphone while driving (while the ignition is on) becomes an offence punishable with a �30 fixed penalty
The government plan to increase the penalty shortly to �60 and 3 penalty points
Dec  02nd  
Introduction of Library Database on the swuklink.com website
Bibliographies drawn from the database which will allow web users very flexible searches by author, publisher, subject, etc.
Dec  03rd  
Frustrated with being unable to catch enough fish, Micheal Ellis of Newlyn caught over 120 sharks in a week earning over �7,000 amidst protests from conservationists
Dec  04th  
Automated page verification introduced on the swuklink.com website
Pages may reload but the software will update the pages on each viewing to make them more consistent throughout the site
Death of English actor and director David Hemmings in Romania, aged 62
Dec  05th  
New hit-counters introduced on the swuklink.com web site
Dec  07th  
Monitoring facailites introduced on the swuklink.com web site aloowing monitoring of viewing as it happens
Screening of Charles II: The Power and the Passion on BBC2 between 2100h and 2200h shot the swyklink.com page on Monmouths Rebellion to the 4th most popular page on the site
Dec  10th  
Introduction of new search engine on the swuklink.com site searching for phrases and individual words
Dec  11th  
UK law comes into effect, prohibiting the sending of unsolicited emails and spam to private consumers, that sent to companies must contain an opt-out clause
The impact of the legislation is not likely to be great as the majority of spam comes from abroad where the senders are not regulated by UK legislation
we can afford �6-billion to wage an unecessary war in Iraq but we can\\\'t afford to educate our own children - Barry Norman, Newsnight, BBC
Speaking about University top-up fees
Dec  16th  
H and H Eelectronics in Calne, Wilts., announced it was in recievership and the loss of 38 jobs
Dec  31st  
Survey by the Nationwide Building Society shows house prices increased 1.5% during December (1.3% in November) with an avarage increase of 15.2% over the last 12 months - despite a predicted slump in house prices


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