Cornwall, England
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Helston, Cornwall, England         OS Map Grid Ref: SW661278
 The County of Cornwall
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One of Conrwall's stannary towns.

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Frederick James Banfield born in Helston in 1884. He perished when the Titanic sank on April 4th, 1912, and his body has never been found.

Many of Frederick Banfield's original letters sent to his family are displayed at the Shipwreck, Rescue & Heritage Centre, Charlestown, St Austell, along with other Titanic artefacts. Limited edition copies of the letters, framed with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr Banfield's grandson are available for sale in the SR&H; Centre's shop.

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  Cornwall, England
3.6 km NW
  Cornwall, England
2.7 km NE
  Cornwall, England
11.5 km NW
  Cornwall, England
7.1 km NW
St Martin
  Cornwall, England
8.1 km SW
  Cornwall, England
3.8 km SE


King Edward Mine was built as a training mine for the students at Camborne School of Mines and lies at Troon just South of Camborne. It is a complete miniature mine with an underground training mine, a miniature processing plant, a lecture theatre and the
10.5 km NE

Tucked away in the village of Penponds near Camborne was the childhood home Richard Trevithick (1771-1833),one of the most briliant engineers of his t
11.5 km NW

13.7 km NE

13.7 km NE

On the B3300, Redruth to Portreath road at the Cornish Goldcentre. A unique and important part of Cornwalls history, the only remaining tin streaming mill in the Duchy of Cornwall, now rescued by the Trevithick Trust in partnership with Cornish Goldsmiths
16.6 km NE
Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden
Barnoon Hill

  St Ives, Cor
Barbara Hepworths studio and garden have been run by the Tate since 1980, and are now an integral part of Tate St Ives. Hepworth, who died in 1975, asked in her will that Trewyn Studios and the adjacent garden, with a group of her
19.1 km NW
The St Ives Museum
Wheal Dream, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1PR
This unique museum contains many varied collections relating to the life and times of the town and county; Art; Blacksmith; Boat Building; Cornish Kitchen; Crysede; Farming; Fire Brigade; Fishing; Flags; Geology; Hain Steamship Company; Lifeboat; Lighthou
19.1 km NW

A unique private museum opened in 1935, covering all aspects of life in Zennor and the surrounding area from 3,000 BC to the 1930s. Exhibits include Wate
23.2 km NW
The Royal Cornwall Museum & Galleries
River Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2SJ
The Royal Institution of Cornwall (founded in 1818) moved to the River Street site in 1819. The museum features collections that depict Cornish history from the earliest times, th
23.7 km NE

Camping Sites
Gwithian Farm Camping Site
1 Churchtown Rd, Gwithian, Cornwall   TR27 5BX
15.3 km NE
Cambrose Touring Park
Portreath Rd, Cambrose, Cornwall   TR16 4HT
17.6 km NW
Polmanter Tourist Park
Halsetown, Cornwall   TR26 3LX
18.7 km NE
Ayr Holiday Park
St Ives, Cornwall   TR26 1EJ
19.6 km NE
Trevalgan Touring Park
Trevalgan Farm, St Ives, Cornwall   TR26 3BJ
21 km NE

Public Houses
Red Lion
Church St, Helston, Cornwall   TR13 8TE
0.2 km SE
Rodney Inn
31 Meneage St, Helston, Cornwall   TR13 8AA
0.4 km SE
The Bell Inn
33-35 Meneage St, Helston, Cornwall   TR13 8AA
0.4 km SE
Fitzsimmons Arms
Coinagehall St, Helston, Cornwall   TR13 8EQ
0.5 km SE
Blue Anchor Inn
50 Coinagehall St, Helston, Cornwall   TR13 8EL
0.6 km SE
The New Inn
n, Cornwall   TR13 0EA
3.6 km NW
Atlantic Inn
Peverell Terrace, Porthleven, Cornwall   TR13 9DZ
3.8 km SE
The Ship
Mount Pleasant Rd, Porthleven, Cornwall   TR13 9JS
4 km SE
Queen`s Arms Inn
Helston, Cornwall   TR13 9PD
4.3 km NE

Video Sales & Hire
Stop In Shop Videos And Games
88 Higher Fore St, Redruth, Cornwall   TR15 2AR
14.8 km NW
TEN Videos
Paynters Lane End, Redruth, Cornwall   TR16 4DS
15.6 km NW
3-4 Tregenna Hill, St Ives, Cornwall   TR26 1SE
19 km NE
Videcomm Video
18 Chapel St, St Ives, Cornwall   TR26 2LR
19.1 km NE
Video Vision
106 Kenwyn St, Truro, Cornwall   TR1 3BX
23.3 km NW
Gilberts Video
The Old Drill Hall, New Bridge St, Truro, Cornwall   TR1 2AA
23.8 km NW


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