Sherborne, Dorset
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Sherborne Old Castle, Dorset, England         OS Map Grid Ref: ST647167
 The County of Dorset
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 Sherborne Old Castle from the NE
The remains of Sherborne 'Old ' Castle, built by
Roger de Caen between 1122 and 1139 stand at the eastern extremity of Sherborne in north-western Dorset. Sir Walter Raleigh recieved the castle from Queen Elizabeth I as a reward for his achievements.
 Sherborne Old Castle
The 12th century castle was not to Raleigh's liking and he built a lodge, part of Sherborne 'New ' Castle, in the grounds in 1594. The 'Old ' castle, now in a ruinous condition, was dismantled on the orders of the parliamentary forces in 1645 after a siege by Fairfax. It is now owned by English Heritage, having been presented to the nation in 1956.

Roger de Caen, who built the castle as a fortified palace between 1122 and 1139, was an important man in the reign of King Henry I. An Abbot of Sherborne, he was also Bishop of Salisbury, Chancellor and subsequently Justiciar to the King. Alas, Henry's only son and male heir died with the loss of the White Ship and on his death the crown passed to his daughter Matilda. Her cousin Stephen also claimed the crown and the country was thrown into a protracted civil war. Thus it was that Stephen seized Sherborne Castle in 1135 and it remained in royal hands until the reign of King Edward III, when Bishop Robert Wyville paid to to bring the castle back into the control of the church. During its time as a royal castle, it seems that although it was maintained and repaired, the defences were slightly altered but, substantially, the castle remained unchanged.

Queen Elizabeth I transferred the lease to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1592 in appreciation of his achievements. He altered the castle over two years but then decided to abandon the medieval castle and build Sherborne Lodge across the lake to the south instead. Raleigh's Lodge now forms part of Sherborne 'New ' Castle.

During the Civil War, the castle (in the possession of Lord Digby, a principal adviser to King Charles I) was twice held for the King, in 1642 and 1645. The second occasion saw it holding out against a seige by the forces of General Fairfax for 16 days. Like many castles during the conflict, by october it had been 'slighted '; the defences destroyed defences to prevent its being any further use against the forces of Parliament.

See also: Dorset in the English Civil War

The castle remained within the Digby family until 1956 when it was presented to the nation - although they, like Raleigh, resided in the 'new ' castle or Sherborne Lodge.

An early Christian enclosure has been identified beneath the castle. These are a rarity in the British Isles - there is another in Dorset, surrounding St Aldelm's Chapel on the Isle of Purbeck.  

The castle enjoyed a large enclosure and most of the curtain wall has disappeared with the the south west gatehouse is the best preserved section. Unlike some castles where the keep is integral to the curtain walls, the large keep (now ruinous) in the centre of the enclosure here could not play any part in its defence.

Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to update Roger de Caen's medieval castle by putting in new windows and other imporvements but he gave up the attempt after a few years and started afresh by building and moving into the lodge in the castle grounds.

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OS Ref: ST 647167

The castle is 0.5 miles to the east of Sherborne, off the B3145. It is well signposted with English Heritage (brown) signs from Sherborne or the east of it.

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A Short History of Sherborne from 705AD
  by WB Wildman, MA, 3rd ed (1911) F. Bennett, Bookseller, Sherborne

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