Dorset, England
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Cornford Bridge, Dorset, England         OS Map Grid Ref: ST691120
 The County of Dorset
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Cornford Bridge, Holwell, Dorsetshire

A scheduled National Monument, the narrow bridge with its three Gothic arches which carries the road from Holwell to Caundle Marsh over the Caundle Brook is named after an adjacent field. It dates from the late fifteenth century.

It consists of three narrow, pointed stone arches, each of which span about eleven feet between the massive piers. On the upstream side, the two pointed cutwaters rise to the level of parapet wall but have been partially capped to provide two very small pedestrian refuges. The downstream refuges are much larger and the two piers beneath them are very different. Whilst the south pier has the more usual pointed cutwater, the north pier end with an ecclesiastical style buttress.

Cornford Bridge dates from c.1480 but it was extensively repaired in the 18th century. The bridge underwent major repairs and strengthening in 1994 during the course of which it was cleaned.

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n, Somerset   BA22 8AR
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HOLWELL,   Dorset

The next bridge downstream on the Stour from Spetisbury, it is reckoned to be the oldest of the Dorset bridges.

A small hamlet with a church near the Caundle Brook between Bishop's Caundle and Holwell.


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