Dorset, England
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Trent, Dorset, England         OS Map Grid Ref: ST593186
 The County of Dorset
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 Turner's Close, Trent, Dorset   
    Pump, Turner's Close, Trent, Dorset

Turner's Close consists of four almshouses  Click to show photograph surrounding a tiny courtyard in the centre of which is a water pump  Click to show photograph .

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The village is best known for its part in the wanderings of King Charles II after the battle of Worcester.

Trent was a flourishing small village in Saxon times and a description of it may be found in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book. After the Norman Conquest of 1066 the village became part of the vast fief of Count Robert de Mortain, the Conqueror's half-brother.

Little is known about medieval Trent. The manor changed hands frequently and more notable amongst its holders were the de Chastelyns, Gerards and Storks. The village, one presumes, was fairly self-supporting.

Sandison considered that the deaths of William (1643) and Robert (1648) Young might signify that they were killed on active service in Parliamentary units but this is not ceratin.

Loyalties within the village were divided during the Civil War, and the Commonwealth which ensued. The larger manor house was held bu the Royalist Gerard family. Thomas Gerard had died in 1634 leaving five co-heiresses who were raised at Mappowder by relatives of their mother. Four of the ladies married Royalist squire. Ann Gerard married Francis Wyndham in 1647 and the couple made their home at the manor house in Trent. Colonel Wyndham had been a distinguished cavalry officer during the Civil War, he had held Dunster Castle for the King. The smaller of the two manor houses, now Church Farm, was the residence of the Parliamentarian Young family.

Trent's greatest claim to fame stems from the hiding of Charles II twice here in 1651 after his defeat at the battle of Worcester and during his escape to Europe. The King's stay of some 19 days in the village, hidden at the Manor House by the Wyndhams and undiscovered, is all the more remarkable when one considers the Parliamentarian convictions of the Young family.

A plaque recording the death of Sir Francis Wyndham and his wife is on the south wall of the North Chapel of the Parish Church.

The parish was formerly in the county of Somerset; it was moved to Dorset in 1896.

Since the Poor Law of 1601, care of the destitute, aged or sick fell on the parish and was administered by the Overseers of the Poor. The parish provided 'indoor relief' within the parish workhouse. The inefficiency of each parish providing for its own poor was remedied in 1834 by the Poor Law Amendment Act which allowed parishes to join together in 'Parish Unions' to provide relief.

The poor of six Somerset parishes (Goathill, Marston Magna, Poyntington, Rimpton, Sandford Orcas and Trent) were thus sent to the workhouse in Sherborne in neighbouring Dorset under an irregular and possibly illegal arrangement. Its was inevitable that the arrangement would cause arguments, is it did towards the end of the 19th century.

The arrangement, which had been in place for some fifty years, came to the notice of the Boundary Commission in 1888 as it was working towards the Local Government Act which would replace the old Hundreds with County Councils and Rural District Councils. The Commission recommended that the six parishes should be transferred to Dorset.

Area and Boundaries Committee of Somerset agreed that the parishes of Goathill, Poyntington and Sandford Orcas should be transferred to Dorset but argued that Marston Magna, Rimpton and Trent "were well within easy distance of Yeovil and had at all times and without any inconvenience or complaint been included in the Yeovil Highway District and Yeovil Petty Sessional Division, the town being their natural town and place of business." and so should be retained in Somerset. Marston Magna and Rimpton remain in Somerset but the parishioners of Trent appealed the decision and the parish was transferred to Dorset in 1896.

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Parish Church

The Tower, dating from the 14th century, with its pierced parapet, has one of the only three old stone spires which may be found in the county of Dorset.

Most of the glass composing the patchwork of scenes in the east window appears to date from the 17th century. They depict the Madonna and Child, the Crucifiction, John the Evangelist, and the Ascension. The chancel screen is richly carved.

Various figures are carved on the ends of the pews includind birds, a deer, a hound, a man with a goblet, and a scene of the flight into Egypt. The oak pulpit is carved with scenes from the life of Jesus.

p>The Sanctuary houses three old chairs, the vestry a chest of 1629 and the porch a bench inscribed with the date 1757. Also in the porch is a stone coffin bearing the carving of a priest on its lid.

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Manor House

Community Facilities

 The Rose & Crown, Trent, Dorset   
THE ROSE & CROWN   Public House
    The Rose & Crown, Trent, Dorset
    The Rose & Crown, Trent, Dorset
is at the southern end of the village, just beyond and opposite the parish church.

PLEASE NOTE: the yard in front of the pub buildings is used by heavy vehicles turning as they service the opposite farm - please leave this are clear by parking in the pub car park signposted just off the main road.

 Post Office & General Store, Trent, Dorset   

Village stores provide a very convenient local service but all struggle for survial
If you dont use it, you'll lose it!


Located in the centre of the village, the post office and general store offers a vital local service to the community.

    The Rose & Crown, Trent, Dorset

The village is served by a mobile grocer from nearby Yeovil.

For details contact Phil Stayner (Yeovil).

 The Village Pond in Winter, Trent, Dorset   

Located at the eastern end of the village offers a haven of tranquility and a vluable wildlife habitat.


Picture Gallery

 Trent, Dorset    Trent, Dorset    Trent, Dorset  

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The road leading south out of the village offers views of Yeovil  Click to show photograph in neighbouring Somerset.

to the north possesses the stub of a 15th century cross  Click to show photograph and some picturesque cottages  Click to show photograph .

lies to the south of Trent.

lies to the south of Trent.


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St. Andrew's Church, Trent
  by Margaret Webster (2000)

A 'recent' (2000) NADFAS survey.

Annette Sandison, a local historian, wrote a comprehensive and well researched history of the village, including the parish church of St Andrew, which was published in 1969 but is now out of print.

Report made by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments.

An account of the Parish of Trent by the Rev. Barnabas Smyth (1745), rector at the time.

Chantry Survey of 1549.

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