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257.Aug.30Saint Sixtus II becomes the Catholic Pope
306.Nov.30St Marcellus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
399.Nov.27St Anastasius I becomes Catholic Pope
418Etalius begins his reign as Catholic Pope
440.Aug.19St Sixtus III ends his reign as Pope
590Gregory the Great became Pope
597St Augustine lands in Kent
682.Aug.17St Leo II begins his reign as Pope
689King Caedwalla of Wessex, accompanied by St Aldhelm, baptized by Pope Sergius I
707.Oct.18End of the reign of Pope John John VII
741.Nov.28St Gregory III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
741.Dec.03St Zachary begins his reign as Catholic Pope
800Charlemagne crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III
904.Jan.29Sergius III crowned as Pope - start of The Pomocracy
983Death of Pope Benedict (ASC)
1061Tostig, his wife Judith and Gyrth recieved on pilgrimageto Rome by Pope Nicholas II
Theparty are robbed as they return
1073.Apr.22Hildebrand elected as Pope Gregory VII
1074Pope Gregory VII excommunicated married priests.
He sent legates to France to reform the Church there
1075Dictatus Papae published detailing Pope Gregory VIIs vision of Papal powers
1076At Lent, Pope Gregory VII excommunicated Henry IV of Saxony
1076.Jan.24The Council of Worms: Held by Henry IV in repsonse to a letter threatening his excommunication by Pope Gregory VII. The German bishops renounce their allegiance to the Pope
1077Henry IV submitted to Pope Gregory VII at Canossa and was absolved of his excommunication
1078Pope Gregory VII ordered all bishops to found cathedral schools
1080Death of Pope Gregory VII
1095A Europe roused by the preachings of Peter the hermit was commanded to save the Holy Land from the infidel by Pope Urban II
1095.Nov.27Pope Urban praches at Clermont, France, and launching the First Crusade
He preached of relieving the pressure by the Seljuk Turks on the Eastern Roman Empire and securing free access to Jerusalem for Christian pilgrims
1105Henry I reaches a compromise with the Church after Pope Paschall threatened the King with excommunication
1136.AprRecognition of Stephen as King of England by Pope Innocent II
1139.JanPope Innocent II declares the legitimacy of Stephen\'s rule after hearing charges of his usurpation of the Crown
1143.Sep.24Death of Pope Innocent II. The pro-Angevin Celestine II becomes pope
1144.Mar.08Death of Pope Celestine II. Lucius II becomes pope
Unlike Celestine II, Lucius II supports King Stephen
1145.Feb.15Death of Pope Lucius II. Pro-Angevin Eugenius III becomes pope
1145.Dec.01Pope Eugene III sends papal bull to Louis VII of France and the French proclaim the Second Crusade
Led by Louis and Emperor Conrad III from 1147-1149, the crusade fails to accomplish its goals
1154.Dec.04Nicholas Breakspear begins his reign as the only English Catholic Pope Adrian IV
1215The Fourth Lateran Council
The power of the medieval Church and the Pope at their height
1215The Pope recognizes the Dominicans
1223The Pope recognizes the Franciscans
1312Suppression of the Knights Templars by order of the Council of Vienne
1435Castile and Portugal requested the Pope to settle their rights to the Canary Islands
1436The Pope settled the possession of the Canary Islands between Castile and Portugal
1484Papal Bull Summis desiderantes; pope Innocent VIII provides his blessing and encouragement to witchhunting, confirming witches as the minions of the devil
1494Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal; arranged at the urging of Ferdinand and Isabella by Pope Alexander VI
Places an imaginary dividing line through the Atlantic Ocean, intersecting South America slightly west of the Cape Verde Islands; Spain is given rights of commerce and colonization to lands west of this line, while Portugal is granted the territories to the east
1498.Aug.25Michelangelo, aged only 23, commissioned in by Pope Alexander VI to carve the Piet� (The Body of Christ in His Mother�s Arms)
Michelangelo completed the Pieta in 1501
1501Michelangelo completes the Pieta commissioned by Pope Alexander VI in 1498
1513Accession of Pope Leo X
The Renaissance Papacy at its zenith
1521Henry VIII wrote a book attacking the Protestant reformers (for which the Pope gave him the title Defender of the Faith
1522Adrian VI elected Pope
Last non-Italian Pope
1540.Jul.18Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), founded by Ignatius of Loyola and his followers, recognised by the Pope
The religious order is dedicated to education and missionary work in the newly explored regions of Asia and the New World
1570.Feb.25Elizabeth I anathematised (excommunicated) by Papal Bull of Pope Pius V
An outcast of the Catholic Church, it became the duty of all Catholics to bring down her reign thus making religious toleration impossible
1582Gregorian or New Style calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII
1592.JanElection of Pope Clement VIII
1605Death of Pope Clement VIII
1605.Apr.01Election of Pope Leo XI
He dies before the year is out
1605.Apr.27Death of Pope Leo XI
1605.May.16Election of Pope Paul V
1854.Dec.08Pope Pius IX proclaims Immaculate Conception - which declares the Virgin Mary free of Original Sin
1878.Dec.28Pope Leo XIII issues an encyclical on socialism
1886Margaret, Countess of Salisbury and last of the Plantagenets was beatified by Pope Leo XIII
1968.Aug.22Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota
(First Papal visit to Latin America)
1970Canonization of Cuthbert Mayne by Pope Paul VI
1970.Nov.27Pope Paul VI is wounded in the chest during a visit to Philippines by a Bolivian painter disguised as a priest and wielding a dagger
1978.Aug.06Death of Pope Paul VI died at Castel Gandolfo, aged 80
1978.Aug.06Death of Pope Paul VI, aged 80
1978.Aug.11Funeral of Pope Paul VI in the Vatican City attended by heads of state and dignitaries from around the world
1978.Aug.12Pope Paul VI buried in St Peters Basilica
1978.Aug.26Election of Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice as the 264th Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul I died less than a month later
1978.Aug.26Cardinal Albini Luciano elected as Pope John Paul
He died only 33 days later
1978.Sep.29Death of Pope John Paul
He had been elected only 33 days previously
1978.Oct.16Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, Archbishop of Krakow, elected as Pope John Paul II to succeed Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul II is the first non-Italian Pope to be elected in more than 400 years
1981.Aug.12Pope John Paul II leaves a Rome hospital 3 months after being wounded in an attempt on his life
1989.Dec.01USSR Pres. Mikhail S Gorbachev meets Pope John Paul II at the Vatican
2000.Aug.29Pope John Paul II presents moral guidelines for medical research into the 21st century
The guidelines endorse organ donation and adult stem cell study but condemning human cloning and embryo experiments

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